Crimson Code Moll-E

Participated in and won 1st place in the Crimson Code hackathon, hosted by WSU, SEL, and Major League Hacking. Inspired by movies like Iron Man and the desire to have an intelligent home assistant, we were passionate about taking this fictional technology into reality. Utilizing several AI models, we are able to dynamically record speech inputs, convert it to text, analyze the intent, and run commands based on the intention. For example, simple greetings are handled through the a simple chat bot while complex questions utilize AI search. Personal information can be stored on a databases and remembered, and events such as commands or alerts can be run using voice command.

Role: Team Lead

Skills: NLP, NLU, Python, Machine Learning

Spokane Cyber Cup IV

Participated in and won 3rd place in a capture the flag competition hosted by Gonzaga University. During this competition I used many new skills such as SQL injection, GPT prompt hacking, and privilege escalation to name a few.

Role: Team Lead


Created as a project for the Gonzaga University Hackathon 2022, this program can identify objects using DepthAI, output the result into TXT and run a C++ script to create a randomly generated madlib about it. From there it is brought back to python where the output.txt is read using TTS. This project won 2nd place in the event and was creaated with the help of: Aiden Tabrah, Charles Bennington, and Alex Nicolazzo.

Role: Team Lead

Skills used:  C++, Python, DepthAI

Kubernetes Cluster Super Computer

As a part of a senior year project, I build a K3s cluster from 10 junk PCs. Using Rancher running on the cluster for management, I launched several pods including Folding@Home, home assistant, prometheus/grafana and bitwarden.

Skills: K3s, Rancher, Docker, Helm Charts, Linux