My Inspirations

Over the years, I have had several inspirational people in my life. Whether online personas or family members each person has revolutionized my character.

Annie DiMartino

My first inspiration was my mom who got me interested in the arts. Working for a Tony award winning stage, she pushed me to perform in several small roles. By surrounding me in the arts, I grew to appreciate both performing and the magic of the stage. This magic has led me to the sciences and my next hero, James Hobson.

Hacksmith Industries

Established in 2012, Hacksmith Industries follows the lives of James Hobson and his team. This real life superhero, uses his knowledge of engineering and chemistry to turn fictional equipment into reality. Just as my mom used theatre to turn a stage into a “night sky”, Hacksmith Industry uses laminar flow and physics to build the first ever lightsaber. This creativity got me interested in their company and led me to the path of majoring in mechanical and electrical engineering.

Linus Tech Tips

With a love for the arts and engineering, discovered Linus Media Group during 2019. Like Hacksmith, LMG and its channels have spent 11 years reporting on, testing, and developing technologies. My love of computers and electronics was multiplied tenfold by this channel as I learned about operating servers, building computers, and general networking.


Finally, as mentioned in an earlier post, my most resent inspiration has been NetworkChuck. Linus Tech Tips, created an interest in networking and IT infrastructure yet, I was still extremely lost in real world applications. NetworkChuck changed this, as I began to learn more about linux, hacking, and networking. Similarly, his channel gave me the confidence to run Pop OS (a linux distro) for my main operating system. His work has been influential to me in my adventures as an IT professional.

These are only a few inspiring people in my life, with countless others going unrecognized for their hard work and influence on my life. Over the next couple months I hope to continue this list and show how each person has defined the man I am today.

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