I have participated in band for almost 13 years. Starting on drum set, I was passionate about learning the drums and I still remember my first gig, performing with a local artist. During middle school, I was honored to immediately join the advanced band and later the elite group known as Honor Band hosted by Ms. McKamey. In the Summer of 8th Grade, I joined the Kennedy Drumline and spent 2 months learning the cymbals (with no music) making up my part as I went along. Though I was unable to join band during the school year, in the summer of sophomore year I continued my journey as a percussionist joining bass drum, and later, snare drum. For the 2/3 of school I experienced, I became integrated with the drumline, participating in fun moments like a Harry Potter skit during retreats and afterschool “rehearsals”. During junior year, I auditioned for the tenor line where I became 1 of 3 to continue the tradition of excellence within the drumline. Now as a senior, I am lead tenor and work closely with Isaiah and Paulo (Lead snares) as we help develop the percussion family. Now I look forward to my time at Gonzaga University and as a member of their drumline

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