Achievements and Plans For The Future

As a optimistic college undergrad, I am fueled by a relentless thirst for knowledge and a burning desire to make a difference. My vision for the future is clear: to become a lifelong learner, continuously expanding my horizons and honing my skills. With each passing day, I am one step closer to realizing my dream of using my creations to uplift and empower others. But it doesn't stop there. I aim to surpass the boundaries of the possible, bringing the realms of fiction into tangible existence. Brace yourself for a future where imagination meets innovation, and together, we will redefine what is possible.

Crimson Code Moll-E

Participated in and won 1st place in the Crimson Code hackathon, hosted by WSU, SEL, and Major League Hacking. Inspired by movies like Iron Man and the desire to have an intelligent home assistant, we were passionate about taking this fictional technology into reality. Utilizing several AI models, we are able to dynamically record speech inputs, convert it to text, analyze the intent, and run commands based on the intention. For example, simple greetings are handled through the a simple chat bot while complex questions utilize AI search. Personal information can be stored on a databases and remembered, and events such as commands or alerts can be run using voice command.

Role: Team Lead

Skills: NLP, NLU, Python, Machine Learning

Spokane Cyber Cup IV

Participated in and won 3rd place in a capture the flag competition hosted by Gonzaga University. During this competition I used many new skills such as SQL injection, GPT prompt hacking, and privilege escalation to name a few.

Role: Team Lead


Created as a project for the Gonzaga University Hackathon 2022, this program can identify objects using DepthAI, output the result into TXT and run a C++ script to create a randomly generated madlib about it. From there it is brought back to python where the output.txt is read using TTS. This project won 2nd place in the event and was creaated with the help of: Aiden Tabrah, Charles Bennington, and Alex Nicolazzo.

Role: Team Lead

Skills used:  C++, Python, DepthAI


I have participated in band for almost 13 years. Starting on drum set, I was passionate about learning the drums and I still remember my first gig, performing with a local artist. During middle school, I was honored to immediately join the advanced band and later the elite group known as Honor Band hosted by Ms. McKamey. In the Summer of 8th Grade, I joined the Kennedy Drumline and spent 2 months learning the cymbals (with no music) making up my part as I went along. Though I was unable to join band during the school year, in the summer of sophomore year I continued my journey as a percussionist joining bass drum, and later, snare drum. For the 2/3 of school I experienced, I became integrated with the drumline, participating in fun moments like a Harry Potter skit during retreats and afterschool “rehearsals”. During junior year, I auditioned for the tenor line where I became 1 of 3 to continue the tradition of excellence within the drumline. Now as a senior, I am lead tenor and work closely with Isaiah and Paulo (Lead snares) as we help develop the percussion family. Now I look forward to my time at Gonzaga University and as a member of their drumline