A Right of Passage

I have been working and studying IT for the past 2 years, and I can successfully say that in that time, I have learned a lot. Back when Covid-19 started, I understood a little bit about computers, the parts inside, and simple PC maintenance. However, with the pandemic shutting down everything, I started a new hobby of understanding technology better than ever. Now with two years done, I have proficiency in several topics from Linux terminals, to networking and git.

Earlier this year it was communicated to me that a right of passage for any IT personal (networking, Linux, support etc.) was the making of custom length ethernet cables. This process is crucial in any setup whether you need a long cable run from a server to PC or a simple patch cord.

With this in mind, I am proud to have continued this tradition by making 10 cables (with more planned) for my home lab setup. Prior to this, my servers were a cable mess I chose to hide behind a monitor. Now, I display my work proudly on my desk for all to see.

The amazing Christmas gifts of: 500ft cable, wire stripper, crimper, and cutter, RJ45 Jacks, and wire de-strainer were perfect for my setup and provided hours of enjoyment (and some frustration).

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